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“Gender Issues in Community Water Supply”

“Gender Issues in Community Water Supply”

Gender issues are important thing because of the role of women in managing the water supply actually could support the life and education to the next generation. The maker of traditional herb could be found in a lot of either urban quarter or village as group. The gender issue of this herb seller is attracting to be reviewed because the supplying of clean water effect not only to the healthiness of its people, but to the healthiness of the buyers.
The proverty is cause diffulties to the women role as herb seller in taking their task as next generation. The most men that work as reconstruction worker and farmer had minimum income, seasonally or evenly. They have no capability to support the life and education of their children. Poverty had caused 97 mothers pace to make and sell herb in order to get their family to had meals and education to their next generation. The activity of some mother in blending herb had been started since early morning to the evening until it already to be sold around by carrying it or clean water had been polluted by the dwelling waste and feces of livestock. The management of clean water had been started by “Management Model of Sustainable Poverty in Canden, Bantul”. The aim of this model is to cope with the pollution of water under the land by the waste from toilet, domestic waste and feces of livestock. This approach done by considering about the important of healthiness, collective “stabling”, building of absorbing well, composting toilet, and categorizing the wastes into organic waste.
The management of water by the people had key in the role of women that sell herb in building and managing the sanitize had could done fully by their self, whereas this group capable also to supply the water with the lower cost. The group that manages of waste water from the maker of herb in Kiringan Village, Jetis, Bantul had executed the building of pro-gender. Women group that sell herb had asked their husband in this plant and construction, the operating of water system and also the drainage. In executing of cope with poverty, the society didn’t get any advices about other important factors related with the sustainability.

Keyword: Water Supply; Gender; Proverty; Sustainability.

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